Friday, June 26, 2009

Finished this bag this morning

I just love this bag. The fabric is one of my favorites. The handles are long, but can be tied to any length you like. If it doesn't sell soon, I may have to keep it for myself. Hmmm, I'm craving another cup of coffee.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, "It's hot"...

Wow, was it hot at the beach this weekend! My husband and I just got back from Hilton Head, SC. His company held its annual summer meeting at the beach. Work for him, play time for me! Here we are at the resort.

Back to the weather--at Hilton Head on Saturday they said it was 102! Yikes! It got too hot on the beach for me by 11 am.

I'm glad to be back home where it's a chilly 88 degrees.

Before it got too oppressive Saturday morning, I took some pictures of several of my market bags for the bedesisters etsy shop. This bag just needed to be at the beach.

I'll be busy staying cool.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's my I took a nap.

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been married one year short of two decades--so far, so good. His motto is, "happy wife, happy life", and it's working well for both of us.

We plan on dinner out tonight, but nowhere expensive or stuffy. We'll be going to a new restaurant that belongs to friends, a casual wings place where the food is prepared by the owners' son. We can do "expensive and stuffy" for the big 2-0. Or not.

As to the nap, turns out much of what I do in a day is dependent on the electric company. Our power went out for about an hour and a half this afternoon. I don't know yet what happened; there was no storm nearby, the power just went out.

I couldn't sew, do laundry, or work on the computer. I could, however, read a novel until I fell asleep. So I did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yart Sale on Etsy

Etsy, the website for all things handmade, is sponsoring a Yart Sale this Wednesday through Sunday.

What is a "yart sale", you wonder? Why, I'm so glad you asked!

Art+ Yard Sale = Yart Sale

Just go to and search for "yart sale". You'll find loads of items with special pricing for the event. The bedesisters will have items in a special yart sale section of our shop. Need a shopping bag?

See you there!

Cowgirls Go Green

I finished this market bag yesterday and took it with me for a shopping trip. Unfortunately, the person at the check out was a young guy. He was nice and did an efficient job, but he didn't bat an eye at my bag! Wrong demographic, I guess, for cute tote bags, but not even a "way to go on that whole environmental/go green thing"? Picture me with my hands on my hips, looking indignant.

The retro-cowgirl print on this bag is adorable. It will be part of our fall line--A Cowgirl Christmas!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Are One dance conference--This weekend!

Lori and I are getting ready to go to Effingham, SC this weekend. We will be a vendor at the We Are One dance conference there.

We'll be offering "design your own" pendants--choose your pendant and cord, then Lori will finish the cord to your preferred length. We'll also bring lots of bags, great for carrying everything you need for dance-- shoes, clothes, makeup, etc.

In the meantime, I'll be sewing like mad!