Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

My mother had those words in a framed picture in her bedroom. I think a friend gave it to her. My mom was one of the busiest people I've ever known. Until she became ill, I rarely saw her sit down and when she did, she was still working on something. She did her hand sewing and mending, as well as lots of cross-stitch projects while she watched a little television at night.

I've felt a bit like that saying lately. I seem to be really busy, but I still get behind in my projects. Lately, I've had lots of business and tax related things to take care of, and very little sewing has been done. Add to that, lots of my fall and Christmas listings just expired and you get a Bede Sisters Etsy shop with about half the inventory it had just a month ago.

In the past week, I did manage to make two new large bags. They are wonderful as diaper bags, as well as a great all day purse.

Tonight, I finished four baskets and I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow so can get them photographed and listed soon. I suppose the lesson is to keep working and eventually, you'll "behinder"?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Adventures Around the Homestead

We had a frost warning (or advisory or whatever they call it) for two nights this week. It's not unusual to have a cold night or so in April, but we've had such a warm winter that I had hoped we were done. Not quite!

So, what do you do with tomato plants that have been in the ground a mere few days? You cover them with anything you can find--half bushel baskets, buckets and sand castle building forms. I think we saved the plants, but time will tell.

Also, Timmy (the new baby goat) is doing well. He and his mother joined the rest of the goats on Thursday. He's discovered the salt block.

And he hasn't learned to escape the arms of a little girl who thinks he's the cutest thing EVER.
Anything new at your place?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening a new box of plastic wrap

Okay, if you already know this, you can skip this blog post and get on with your day. However, if you've always struggled with getting plastic wrap to pull out of the box smoothly, read on.

I saw this somewhere a few years ago and had one of those moments my daughter calls a "face-palm". That's where you cover your face with your hand, the way you would if you just discovered that you'd been wearing two different socks all day.
When you open a new box of plastic wrap, start by finding the end of the plastic and pulling off just enough to get it through the open side.

The next part is the really cool thing that I didn't know until, well, adulthood. There are tabs on each end of the box. With the roll in place, push the tabs into the box. They are designed to hold the cardboard tube securely in the box while you pull wrap off the roll.

Any questions?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New baby goat this morning!

The children came running back to the house this morning, after their usual chores, to tell me that there was a new baby goat in the shed. This one was a bit of a surprise since we weren't sure if the mama goat was pregnant.

We had not moved her into our kidding pen, so it was up to me and the two younger children to move baby and mama out of the big shed and into the separate kidding area. It was an adventure, trying to get mama to follow me. I finally picked up the baby and sort of tempted her with him. Once we got them settled, I took a few pictures. Isn't he a cutie?

At least, I think it's a "he".

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday--Kill Shot

From Kill Shot by Vince Flynn:

"Rapp flipped up the collar on his black jacket and pulled a thin black balaclava over his face. He hefted the coil of climbing rope, looked over the edge of the building and said to himself, "Two shots to the head."

I'm reading a spy novel and smelling like sunscreen. Must be almost summer. What are you reading?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sitting on the porch

It's spring and prime porch-sitting weather around here. The weather is warm enough to be comfortable, but the humidity isn't too high yet. In addition, the bugs aren't out in full force yet. So, my husband and I decided to relax on our porch and do some reading and puzzles.

Wonder of wonders, the children didn't follow us so we had a bit of quiet time together. Then, Abby the Ginormous Dog joined us. She's pretty quiet, but really hates to be left out of anything. She offered to help Andy with his crossword (or sudoku, I can't remember). Abby was eager to help but she can't spell. Or count.

Then, she apparently wanted me to read to her. Nothing doin', Big Dog! Read your own books.

Finally, she settled down to what she does best. Lay around and pant. And drool a little.

How's your spring coming along? Or autumn, if you are south of the equator?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April already?!

How did it get to be April already? I've still got so much to get caught up on from winter--there's still wool to be spun and crocheted, there's a quilt started that needs work, even herbs dried last fall that need to be put into jars.

No matter! The days are getting longer, my porch has been cleaned (though it could use another rinse to get rid of the rest of the pollen), the hummingbird feeder is hung up and the new herbs are planted in the herb garden. The vegetable patch has been tilled (thanks, sweetie!) and there are container tomato plants already on the patio.

This week I plan to take a sample from the pool for testing. The water looks good, but I'm sure it needs something to keep it that way. The children are already asking when they can go swimming. We stalled them today by hooking up the sprinkler. April 1 and we're expecting 91 degrees tomorrow!

The strawberry farm is open for picking already and I have plans to go there this week with friends. We'll pick in the morning and then we'll head back to the house to make jelly and jam.

Whew. I'm tired already. Maybe I should sit on the porch for a while and watch for hummingbirds.