Monday, April 8, 2013


After a really warm winter, I expected an early spring. Silly me. It seems to have taken forever for the temperatures to warm up to the deep south's April standards. We had several days last week when the temperature stayed in the forties all day, unusual for early April around here.

But, the past couple of days have been glorious! We put a new swing near the river and my husband, Andy, and the children finally talked me into getting a trampoline. Maybe I've watched too many home videos on television, but trampolines just look like an accident waiting to happen. I kind of turn into the mom from A Christmas Story. Instead of "you'll shoot your eye out" it's "you'll break your neck". Hopefully, we won't need any trips to the emergency room this year.

The children are taking a break from jumping, and one is keeping me company on the porch. Apparently, moon sand hasn't lost its appeal.

Happy spring!