Monday, January 18, 2010

Me, At Work

This is my sewing room. Oh, I know, it's glamorous and flashy and all that, but it's work. It's actually much better looking than it was a month ago. I decided that I would get a jump on that "must get organized" resolution and so I went after my work space the week after Christmas.
Before the "big cleanup" I had hand-me-down plastic shelves and a few bins. It just wasn't working. I went through my stash, of both fabric and scrapbooking supplies, and decided what I needed. The cube storage units you see are from Lowe's, as well as the green and cream bins that fit inside. I thought about getting some more of the bins, but I like being able to see my fabric stacks. It's easier to make design decisions when I can see it all on display like that.

It looked worse than this. Really.

By the way, I'm listing that bag in my etsy shop later today. If I can get good photos. But that's another blog day.


  1. You are so organized!! I cleaned up my craft room too, but haven't been in it since, so now it looks like a box storage room :)
    LOVE the bag!!

  2. Your sewing room is great....I need to work on getting mine that organized.....
    I Love the bag tooo...
    Prayers, Bo

  3. I love your sewing room! I still wish we would have gotten a four bedroom house so that I could use one just for crafting. I would love to be as organized as you are!

  4. I like seeing where we all create!
    Thanks for the tour. I wish I was as organized.