Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bede Sisters Road Trip

The Bede Sisters headed for Greenville, SC, this past weekend to participate in Handmade Greenville. It was a first-year craft fair and included lots of wonderful artists. It was also the first craft show that my daughter worked with us. We had a nice time...once we got there.

First, did you know that I-385 (the one that goes to Greenville from (I-26) is closed? Neither did we. The GPS said to take the exit, but it was closed. Completely. Okay, so the GPS took us on a detour. It would only have added 15 minutes or so, but there was an accident. We sat, and sat, and sat on I-26, not moving at all. What should have been a 2 hour trip took three.

So, we still got there in plenty of time to set up our booth, a little out of breath, but in time. The booth looked great--hey, maybe rushing in, a little aggravated and hungry is good for creativity? Or not.

Do they look like they're having fun? Don't answer that. For some reason, Lori and Ann don't enjoy my picture-taking as much as I do. Go figure.


  1. The booth looks great! I hope the show was a success for you.

  2. I hope you had fun and it was a good show for you.