Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday

Whew! And it's only 3:24 in the afternoon. The children and I left the house just before 8 am, stopped at my sister-in-law's house (she and her husband got gorgeous new windows this weekend), went on the the dentist (where all four of us had our teeth cleaned and not one cavity), grabbed lunch, dropped off college daughter at school, then went to the fairgrounds to deliver the younger two kiddles' artwork.

I really prefer my Mondays, especially the first cool, rainy Monday of the fall, to be quiet, stay-at-home days. You know the kind, where you have a second cup of coffee and then soup for lunch. Today, I didn't even manage ONE cup of coffee and lunch was a sandwich from McDonald's, reportedly containing beef.

I'm now sitting here contemplating what to make for dinner, given that there's very little meat in the house and we're totally out of milk. I DO however, have eggs, broccoli, and applesauce. Hmmmm...

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