Friday, February 25, 2011

Grow Old Gracefully? No way!

I absolutely refuse to grow old gracefully. I'm fighting it every step of the way. And there's quite an arsenal out there for me to add to my stockpile. Here's what I bought last night:

There's a daily cleanser, rejuvenating serum (sounds scientific, doesn't it?), makeup that claims to be "ageless", age defying moisturizer (I like the "defying" part) and of course, hair color.

There were a few other options, but the names sounded like they belonged at Home Depot: something called "primer"* and another called "filling and sealing treatment". There's also "resurfacing elixir". Now, if they can just come up with facial spackle, we're all set.

If it works, I can post close-up photos soon. If not, you'll only see distant, blurred images.

*Okay, I would have gotten the "primer", but they were out.


  1. Thanks for this post - enjoyed reading this.

    I just love thet you have "sister" in your name - as we are SisterBatik - love you to come by and see us!

    Following you now too - we saw you via the Etsy Blog Team.

    Agreed - anti-age creams all the way for us : )

  2. This cracked me up because I'm totally the same way. I got some sort of eye-lifting serum a couple of weeks ago even though I'm only 25. Gotta fight the wrinkles now!

    Also, I love primer. It's not really age-defying (at least none that I've seen) but it's helpful for combating shine and giving you a better surface for make up.

  3. HA! I have most of these... but what to do about the TURKEY NECK???? Following you!