Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday at Our House

For our homeschool lessons, we've been reading about the Jamestown settlement and the paths people took to get there. One of the books is titled A Lion to Guard Us. It is the fictional story of three children, who's father has gone to establish a life in the New World. While waiting in England to join him, their mother dies. They are taken in by a kind doctor, who then decides to take them to the New World with him.

In today's chapter, they have a breakfast of tea and biscuits. I'm not sure if biscuit means, you know actual "biscuits" or the British biscuit meaning cookie. We went with the flour, shortening and baking powder kind, served with tea from a real teapot.

Also, my college daughter had an art project due today. She was to replicate an art piece from the museum. She got a pot to paint from her professor, that was close to the shape of the original Greek vase. I think she did a great job!

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  1. I think biscuit in the story probably meant "cookies" like the British say, but as long as the kids have fun learning and are engaged, it really doesn't matter. Also, that vase your daughter painted is awesome! :)