Monday, September 7, 2009

Picking Pears

Friday evening was just beautiful, the air not too humid and the temperature comfortable. So what did the bedesisters do on such a lovely night? They picked pears! Okay, technically, we sat on the porch while my husband climbed the tree and shook down the fruit while his brother gathered it and put it into baskets. Hey, we picked the low hanging ones.

Here's a picture of our guys near the tree. That's my husband, Andy, on the left and his brother, Kevin (and Lori's husband), on the right. Aren't they cute?

I'm spending my weekend putting up pears-- cubed pears, pear relish, pear honey-- I'm the Bubba Gump of pears.

Whew! That was hard work; lemonade, anyone?


  1. They are looking a little sweaty. Did you work them to hard? Pear relish? Pear honey? Sounds yummy, but didn't know you could make relish or honey from pears. Are you going to post some pics? would love to see the finished product.

  2. I've done all of the above in years past. The relish is made from ground pears, onions and peppers, with vinegar and spices.

    Pear honey involves no honey, but lots of sugar and crushed pineapple. I'll be glad to post pics when I'm done. Relish is cooling on the table as I type.

    And, yes, they were a little sweaty, but we made dinner for them, so they were in good spirits.