Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Peddler Craft Show

The Bede Sisters had a great time at the Christmas Peddler Craft Show in West Columbia, SC, this weekend. It's a small show, but the best run show we've done all year. Many thanks to Darius Suber, who coordinates this event. He is readily available all day, making sure things are running smoothly and that vendors are well cared for. There's a vendor break room, with coffee and doughnuts, and lunch is delivered right to the booth. You read that right--lunch, from Subway, is included in the booth fee. Great job, Darius and staff!

The photo below is of Lori's jewelry table. Her husband came up with the pendant tree after seeing a gargantuan pendant tree in Tennessee. Our setup is...shhhh...a bowling ball inside a plastic flower pot with tree branches stuck into the finger holes. Lori wrapped the flower pot in a tree skirt for the Christmas show. Leaving it exposed does have an advantage, though. Men will come into the booth to check it out, and hopefully, bring their wives with them.

This photo is of my scarf and market bag table. Many of the scarves are made of bamboo, which is my new favorite thing. It's amazingly soft, just feels like air. I'm planning to photograph them this week for our etsy shop,
So, how was your weekend?


  1. Your booth looks great! It's amazing how a well run show can be so much fun. I've been to a few where you just didn't know who was in charge and who to go to. It's very frustrating!
    Love all your scarves!!!

  2. Your booth looks beautiful! What at great idea to include lunch!!