Monday, December 7, 2009

Great weekend!

Lori and I had a wonderful time at the 39th Annual Christmas Craft Show in Aiken, SC. There were so many amazing crafters there, from woodwork to metal craft to quilts. Our reversible aprons got lots of attention, as did the bamboo scarves. Unfortunately, the jewelry slots were already full when we applied, so we didn't get to bring Lori's charm pendants. We'll have them with us next week, though, at the West Columbia, SC leisure center show.

We had an interesting afternoon out yesterday. The four-year-old stayed with her oldest sister, while the rest of us went shopping and to the movies. Yikes, $47 dollars just for the tickets! But it was just about worth it. We saw A Christmas Carol, with Jim Carrey. He did a fantastic job as Scrooge and the animation was amazing. Some of the scenes were a little intense, even for our eight-year-old, but he liked it anyway. If you are looking for a movie to get you in the Christmas spirit, do give this one a chance.


  1. How many shows are you doing?!! They are a lot of fun, but some years one was just enough. :)
    hope they all work out great for you - to bad they are so far away, would love to see one.

  2. Thanks, Audrey! We have one more, this Saturday. Lori and I have done about 8 this year.

  3. 8 shows!!! Are you ever home? :)
    I have tagged you over on my blog. Please come have a look!

  4. First off, Happy Belated Birthday! I am so behind on reading!

    The movies are so darn expensive now! I don't go half as much as I would if it weren't so much, especially after popcorn and drinks. A Christmas Carol looks really good. I need to see that and the one with Sandra Bullock.

  5. How fun! I must see that movie!