Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another place I'd like to visit...

is the Baltic Coast. I have to confess that the desire to see the Baltic Sea came from a television show. There's a show on the weekend (on a channel called HDNet) that's all about the coast of the Baltic Sea and the people who live there. It's cleverly titled Baltic Coasts.
A number of countries border the Baltic Sea, including Sweden, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. If you're trying to picture where this is, start at Italy and head north for a while (through Germany), then slightly east.

The scenery is stunning, with green fields, lighthouses, farms, cities and of course, the Baltic Sea itself. The show features individuals that live along this northern coastline. They've had people who's lives revolve around the sea, such as fishermen, artists or harbor workers. There's also people who farm or raise animals in the area.

The show was almost exclusively filmed in the summer, since the weather always looks beautiful. I realize that it's not like that year round, but it tempts me anyway. And I'm sure, if I ever make it there, it will look just like it does on TV. (Don't disillusion me.)


  1. We lived in Germany for a couple of years. We never made it to the northern coast and I really wish we had made the journey. The country and the people were wonderful!
    Take the will not be disappointed!

  2. We have a maybe 50/50 chance of going to Berlin, Germany, this summer. If we go, I'm going to insist on a day trip to the Baltic Coast. And I'll be looking for travel advice from you!