Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening a new box of plastic wrap

Okay, if you already know this, you can skip this blog post and get on with your day. However, if you've always struggled with getting plastic wrap to pull out of the box smoothly, read on.

I saw this somewhere a few years ago and had one of those moments my daughter calls a "face-palm". That's where you cover your face with your hand, the way you would if you just discovered that you'd been wearing two different socks all day.
When you open a new box of plastic wrap, start by finding the end of the plastic and pulling off just enough to get it through the open side.

The next part is the really cool thing that I didn't know until, well, adulthood. There are tabs on each end of the box. With the roll in place, push the tabs into the box. They are designed to hold the cardboard tube securely in the box while you pull wrap off the roll.

Any questions?


  1. That's so funny...I just discovered those side tabs myself about a month ago! What is it about them? Why have they been so elusive all these years?? :)

  2. I noticed I could never seem to get the "hang" of saran wrap, so I finally did a search on how to open the dang box correctly and ended up here. Thank you for guiding me through my own face-palm moment! :)

  3. Anonymous, I just saw your comment today! I'm glad I could help (and welcome to the Face-Palm Club.)

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