Sunday, April 1, 2012

April already?!

How did it get to be April already? I've still got so much to get caught up on from winter--there's still wool to be spun and crocheted, there's a quilt started that needs work, even herbs dried last fall that need to be put into jars.

No matter! The days are getting longer, my porch has been cleaned (though it could use another rinse to get rid of the rest of the pollen), the hummingbird feeder is hung up and the new herbs are planted in the herb garden. The vegetable patch has been tilled (thanks, sweetie!) and there are container tomato plants already on the patio.

This week I plan to take a sample from the pool for testing. The water looks good, but I'm sure it needs something to keep it that way. The children are already asking when they can go swimming. We stalled them today by hooking up the sprinkler. April 1 and we're expecting 91 degrees tomorrow!

The strawberry farm is open for picking already and I have plans to go there this week with friends. We'll pick in the morning and then we'll head back to the house to make jelly and jam.

Whew. I'm tired already. Maybe I should sit on the porch for a while and watch for hummingbirds.

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