Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spring Flowers in Holland

I love tulips, but they are a challenge to grow in the deep south.  It's just too warm for most tulips to thrive, without a lot of attention and replanting.  So, for years I've dreamed of going to Holland in the spring to see the tulips in bloom.  Last month, I had that opportunity and I wasn't disappointed.

There are flowers everywhere and the variety is astonishing.  My husband and I visited Alsmeer, the largest flower auction in the world.  Every day, millions of flowers pass through this building to be bought and immediately shipped to buyers around the world.  It is an amazing place.

Alsmeer Flower Market

We also went to Keukenhof, the world famous spring garden in Holland.  It boasts 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties.  It was the experience of a lifetime for a tulip lover!


  1. I'd love to visit Keukenhof! I was actually thinking in taking my mom this year but it did not work out so hopefully next year...
    It must be so wonderful!

  2. Wow!!! It must have been dream-like to be amongst all of those gorgeous flowers!!

  3. The tulips are so beautiful! It must have been an amazing trip!