Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring is here!

It's definitely spring here in South Carolina.  The daffodils have bloomed, the forsythia is very yellow and the Bradford pear trees are blossoming.  Our lawn is even turning green.  It's mostly weeds, but still, it's green.

I've been doing a bit of knitting even though spring fever makes me want to play outside most of the time.  Yesterday I skipped my run and went for a bike ride with the children.  We went down our road to the local beaver pond and explored for a bit.  It was glorious!

On to knitting!


Rosamond socks

Yarn--Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in the Pearlescent Tonal
Needles--US size 1, 2.25 mm, 9 inch circulars

The Rosamond socks are a free pattern on Ravelry.  It's a beautiful lace pattern and not difficult at all.  They are knit cuff down with a heel flap and gusset.  The top photo was taken before blocking and the second was taken after.  I don't normally block socks, but these were for a swap so I wanted to make sure they were very clean.  It also relaxed the yarn and helped to show off the lace pattern.

The recipient already has them and loves how girly they are.  The lace certainly makes them feminine.  I look forward to seeing the socks knit for me;  the knitter has them done, I think, and almost ready to ship.  Woo-hoo!


Am I the last knitter on the planet to knit a Hitchhiker shawlette?  There are over 18,000 Hitchhiker projects on Ravelry.  It's very popular and now I know why.  The pattern is simple but does a great job showing off a beautiful yarn.  And because is mostly garter stitch, the fabric it creates is deliciously smooshy!


Yarn-- Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk Paints, in colorway 9806
Needles-- US 4 - 3.5 mm

The yarn is "souvenir yarn" from a trip to Hilton Head, SC, last summer.  It's a beautiful variegated yarn that ranges from deep purple through pink and to pale lavender.  I think I'm going to enjoy this shawlette very much. 

The only other WIP is the pair of ankle socks I'm knitting for me.  They haven't gotten any attention this week, but I haven't completely forgotten them.  They'll get done eventually.

Podcast Corner

The podcast feature this week is The Fat Squirrel Speaks hosted by Amy Beth.  This may well be the funniest knitting podcast on the planet.  Amy Beth never fails to make me giggle, if not outright guffaw.  She's clever and witty and definitely makes me feel like she's whispering her silly secrets to her best friends and I'm in on it. 

Amy Beth is not only hilarious, but a fabulous knitter.  She always manages to impress me with her finished projects, both knitting and spinning.  In addition to her podcast, she also has a shop, Fat Squirrel Fibers, where she sells project bags.  Amy Beth has great taste in fabrics, but you have to catch her shop updates as soon as they happen.  Her bags sell out immediately, as in set your alarm and be sitting at the computer with your hand hovering over the "buy" button. 

Check out The Fat Squirrel Speaks.  She'll make your day.

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