Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lawrence sweater is done!

I'm going to jump right in with knitting talk, because I'm really excited about finishing my Lawrence sweater.


Actually "FO's" should be singular because I only have one, but it's a pretty big one.  Introducing my Lawrence Sweater.

Lawrence Sweater

Yarn--Cascade 220, colorway 9572
Needles--US 8, 5mm

It's done!  Yay me, and just in time for the end of Knitting Den's KAL (knit-a-long).  The KAL ended on February 28 and my sweater was blocking that day.

The color is a rich purple-y red.  The color bled quite a bit when I washed it for blocking.  It even discolored my needles while knitting, however, it doesn't look faded even after washing.  The Cascade 220 I used is not superwash, so I'll always be handwashing this sweater.  Hopefully, it will maintain the deep color for a long time.


Ankle socks for me
Yarn--Four Seasons Gr√ľndl Hot Socks
Needles--US size 0, 2.00mm
Yes, this is the same picture I used last time.  I've made a little progress on the foot, but I didn't take a new picture.  These are my "purse knitting", meaning that I can grab them for on-the-go knitting when I need something simple and small.  They may take a while since I'm only working on them occasionally.

Rosamond Socks

Yarn--Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in the Pearlescent Tonal
Needles--US size 1, 2.25 mm, 9 inch circulars

The Rosamond socks are for a spring sock KAL in an online group.   I knit a pair of socks for another member of the group, while someone else is knitting for me.  It's so exciting; I've never had anyone knit socks for me!  It's a great group and while not everyone has met in person, many have known each other for years online.

The pattern is great, pretty lace design and not too difficult.  It's a free pattern on Ravelry and well written, with both charts and written instructions.  I'm on the second sock about half-way to the heel.

Podcast Corner

This week's podcast feature is a new podcast, tplaysnice.  It is hosted by Tracy from the UK and she is just adorable!  Tracy's podcast is only a couple of months old, but she has hit her stride quickly and I look forward to each week's new episode.  Each episode, she talks about what she's wearing and it's fascinating to see her gorgeous handknits.  I like seeing her beautiful sweaters "in real life".  A photo is helpful, but seeing it on a real person is even better.

Tracy is another podcaster who makes me feel like I'm sitting down for a chat with a friend.  Do join Tracy for her lovely podcast; she'll make you feel right at home.


  1. Kay I love our Lacey socks they are beautiful - full on sock envy xx

    Thank you so much for the shout out for the podcast too xxx

  2. Hi, Tracy! I like the socks too, so pretty. You're welcome for the shoutout; you have a delightful podcast.