Friday, May 15, 2009

bedesisters go to Aiken

It was time for a field trip and the bedesisters headed to Aiken, SC. Aiken is a great place with a wonderful town center. We headed for Hayne Avenue, a crafters paradise.

I wanted to touch all the yarn at Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks. They have a fabulous shop with yarns you won't find just anywhere. Here I am, in crochet heaven!

We then went next door to the Aiken Quilt Shoppe, where Sarah helped us find the perfect fabric for our new sign. We're going to embroider our name on it to use at shows. (I say "we" but really mean "have some else" do it for us.) Here's Lori watching as our sign-in-the-making is cut. Isn't that fabric awesome? It looks like suede.

And you'll never guess what's in the back room of the quilt shop... an absolutely stunning model train. It's a whole city back there!

We also found the best place for beautiful ribbon, Southern Fabrics. Lots of ribbon and I like it all.

And of course, a girl's got to eat, so we stopped at the Aiken Brewing Company. Hint: try the creamy chicken salad.
I love my work!

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