Thursday, May 21, 2009

Herding Chickens

I overheard a conversation between my husband and 7 year old son the other night. My husband asked our boy to take some leftovers to the chickens. You should know that the chickens are usually my teenage daughter's job, but she was busy elsewhere. I thought, "That's not a good idea. The gate can be hard to close." But I decided to keep out of it.

Fast forward an hour or so and my husband said to me, "Let's go for a walk." As we started out I looked toward the chicken coop and said, "Is that chicken OUT?"

My daughter, husband and I spent the next half hour herding chickens. More than half of our 24 bird flock had gotten out and were having a great time exploring. One bird lost most of its tail feathers when hubby made a grab for it. We finally cornered the last one. He crept up behind it, slowly, slowly, then-snatch! She struggled for a few seconds then gave up and he put her gently back in with the rest of the girls.

They'll be cackling about that adventure for weeks.

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