Thursday, May 14, 2009

Treasures from the Hatch Market

Who's the best customer at a craft show? Another crafter. Why? Because they are artists, too, and love to look at unique and hand crafted work. That and they sometimes get bored sitting in a booth all day and therefore spend a lot of time shopping.

I had a great time at the Hatch Market, meeting other crafters. I'm amazed at the talent.

Possibly my favorite thing is this pillow, made from an old quilt by Ronnie Gunn of Biddy Brain Workshop. It's the blue and white one. The red one I bought years ago at an antique mall. One more and I'll have a collection!

My children are thrilled with the treasures I brought back for them. I visited Felicia at Fluffy Flowers and her critters just made me smile. I got one for each of my children.

I also have been using a honey oatmeal soap that I bought from Jenni Denney of Brooksearthfarm. My skin feels great!

The earrings I bought from Andrea are beautiful. They are wire wrapped and so feminine. If I can find her web address, I'll link to it.

It was great to meet you all!


  1. It looks perfect! This makes me so happy!
    Pleasure to meet you Kay. I have your market bag hanging from a chair. No hiding this beauty in the backseat of my car with all my Publix bags!

  2. Oh those creatures look so cute there. I'm glad they found a new home :)