Monday, August 24, 2009

Great weekend around here

I had a great weekend. I cleaned house on Saturday, then went to an auction with my husband on Saturday night. Sunday, we went to church where my seventeen year old daughter and I kept the nursery. We got to take care of two cutie-pie boys, both about two and the brand new sister of one of the boys. She spent the entire time in our arms and didn't fuss at all.

After having a great lunch at home, my daughter and I had a "girls' afternoon out". We hit the bookstore and Bath and Body Works. It's fun and a little scary to negotiate a new kind of relationship with her. She's closer to being an adult than to childhood. She's becoming a great companion.

While we were gone, my husband and two younger children picked bullaces, which are wild grapes that grow around here. I'll be making jelly later this week. Mmmmm...

Have a good week, bloggers!

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