Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Joy of a Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks make me smile. I didn't know that about myself until recently. We bought one on vacation recently and I just love it. There's something very satisfying about a clock that doesn't require a plug or batteries. We just pull the chains down and give the pendulum a little nudge and it tick-tocks away for 24 hours.

The half-hourly "cuckoo" and music are a source of giggles and "ooo-aahhs" for all of us. I was worried that the extra noise in the house would be annoying, but I enjoy it, although I might feel differently if we couldn't turn off the music at night.In a world of constant noise, computers, television, video games, washers and dryers, and all the rest of our "modern conveniences", there's something precious about clothes that hang on a line to dry and a clock that you have to wind.


  1. My Grandparents always had a cuckoo clock when I was growing up! They are so cool, never had to wear a watch.

  2. The cuckoo clocks we had in Germany and Austria and also living in Switzerland were massive! My mother had them all around the house and although I still love the sound of ticking! I have a home in England, a farmhouse outside of Paris and a small villa in Milan and Each one has at the very least 35 clocks!