Monday, June 21, 2010

Life and Death in the Swamp

We've had a bittersweet week here in the swamp. After doing well all last year in the outrageous heat of a South Carolina summer, just last week, two of our chickens died. As far as we can tell, the heat was just too much. My brave husband (okay, the least likely to cry over a dead chicken) burried them for us. No way we could eat a bird we raised from a day old chick. I know, some country-folk we are, huh.

We've since set up a sprinkler on part of their yard, to keep them cooler and provide a continuous fresh water supply all day. So far, so good.

The good news (depending on how you feel about kittens) is that the calico cat that showed up a couple of months ago, has four kittens. She kept them hidden for at least three weeks and just brought them for a visit last week. It's hard not to smile when kittens tumble over each other or pounce on their mother's tail as she tries to eat.

Aren't they adorable?


  1. Sorry to hear about your chickens. That's very upsetting. I found it interesting that you opted to bury them. I believe I would probably have made the same choice.

    The kittens are adorable! Do you have any plans for finding them homes?

  2. We hated to lose chickens, too. It wasn't a tough decision to bury them, not knowing for sure what killed them. We've decided it was the heat, but we were concerned about disease at the time. That and we just ... couldn't.

    We have homes for two kittens and maybe one more. We're still asking around.

  3. I'm in SC, too and would offer up a few 'how to deal with chickens in the heat' tidbits...

    Make sure that you're feeding 'less heat' feed... scratch and corn in general produces more 'heat' as food... so mine don't get it in the summer, unless I throw a handful in the coop late in the afternoon to entice the stragglers home.

    Mid afternoon, I give them some cold treats... frozen melon rind, ice cubes in their water, chilled cherry tomatoes. Makes a difference.

  4. Sorry about your chickens.....but the kittys are sooooo is really hot here in NC too...
    Prayers, Bo

  5. Aw, adorible kittens. I just want to snuggle them.