Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adventures Around the Homestead

Yesterday was a pretty good day around here. The children and I finished reading their history book for this year. We still have some other subjects to complete, but we're almost ready for summer vacation.

Yesterday was also warm, as in 90 degrees. Oh, sure, by the end of July we'll be longing for the chill of a 90 degree day, but right now, it seems pretty hot. So, after working in the vegetable garden for a bit, mostly digging up weeds, I was ready for a dip in the pool.

I got myself and my children all set to get in the water, bathing suits on, slathered with sunscreen, a cooler filled with drinks and my radio on the little table between lounge chairs. Only thing left was to check the pool's filter basket for creepy crawlies. I found one.

It was a scarlet snake, a red, black and white snake that lives in our area. The are not venomous and are small, no bigger around than my finger. Last year, I encountered my first one in the pool, but it was, umm, deceased. This one was very much alive. (The photo is from UGA's website.)

I use a gizmo that we got from the pool supply store to check the filter basket. It has a hook on one end to lift the cover and a little basket on the other end to scoop up frogs and such that I don't want to pick up with my hand. I used the hook end to grab the snake and then tossed it into the woods. It tried to coil up and look fierce, but I wasn't fooled.

I felt so brave. It's the first time I've had to cope with a live snake on my own, although I'm not sure that little guy counts. He (or she) was kind of cute.


  1. You are brave! I don't mind the black snakes we get because they eat mice and chipmunks but that one in the pool would have scared me!

  2. I think that little guy counts! He's still a live snake that you had to deal with! I'd feel proud. :)

    I'm longing for 90 days here in Boston. I STILL have to go outside with pants and a coat. :(

  3. yikes! I'll admit the snake is kind of pretty... but yikes!!

  4. I woke up to snow this morning!!!!! It was just enough to stick to the roof and the top of the car, but still! You can sure send some of that warmth to South Dakota!

  5. I also think the snake's cute ;-)