Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's Green Around Here

Spring is in full splendor around here and the hostas are doing well. I went to my favorite shade plant nursery, Shady Characters, planning to buy a few heucheras to replace several that I lost this past winter (and one that Abby the Ginormous Dog dug up, grrr!) Of course I couldn't possibly get out of there without a new hosta or two, to add to the mix.

This heuchera is called citronella, and it has a wonderful lime green color. It just lights up the shade plant bed.

This one is called Southern Comfort, another heuchera, with leaves the color of caramel. It's a nice contrast with the greens of the hostas nearby.

And, here are some of the containers that I've planted this year. My apologies for the mud on the sides. They were still recovering from the huge rainstorms of the night before.

No, Martha Stewart probably wouldn't be impressed, but I think my grandmother would like it. And that's a pretty good standard.


  1. I'd take Grandma's approval over Martha Stewart's anyday :) I think they look great!

  2. Very pretty! I just planted some hostas this year. I had a nice one going but the DishTV installer dug it up when he installed a dish behind my flowers..he also nicked the utility power line and when it rained we lost power. The utility guy came and dug out the dish and flung it into the yard..and dug a trench that looked like a scene from Tremors to re-lay new line.Then the Dish guy had to come back and reinstall the dish..MEN! Man..long comment,sorry! I love that lime green heuchera too!My containers are mostly still waiting on me to fill them!

  3. I live in San Diego and we can grow lots of tropicals but not hostas (well, I can't anyway). I'd have a whole garden of them if I could--I have the best shady spot!

  4. Beautiful! I love seeing all of the green! Bad dog though!! ;)