Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bit of Landscaping and A Couple of Visitors

We spent some time this weekend working on the area around the pool. It was looking a bit run down. A really quick way to add some color and perk up dreary spot is to add fresh mulch and some containers. I went to town with Andy (my husband) and we selected some brightly colored flower pots, a plant rack and some cheery flowers.

The children helped us start the project by raking up dead leaves and such. Then we put down fresh mulch all around.

The plant stand has hooks for three hanging plants and, once I added three large baskets of petunias it gave instant sparkle to the side of the pool.

The bright blue flower pots (shhh, they are plastic) are pretty fantastic on their own, but with the addition of some geraniums and annual lantana, they really bring that empty spot to life.

Near the butterfly garden, I spotted a couple of dragonflies coming to visit. We get the neatest looking bugs around here.

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  1. that dragonfly was surely wanted to go on party!