Monday, September 12, 2011

Aiken's Makin' 2011

Lori and I were at Aiken's Makin' this weekend. It's a great street craft fair in Aiken, SC, held every September. Aiken a beautiful little city, with a wonderful downtown area.

Here's our booth on Friday.

We made some changes on Saturday, including adding a shelf for the fabric baskets. I think it helped a lot.

If you look across the walkway from our booth, you will see what may be the most interesting tree in history, judging by the number of children who stopped to check it out. We heard them guessing what it was, everything from a raccoon house to a trash can.

Silly children, of course fairies live there.


  1. Your booth looks great, I would have totally shopped it! Did you sell lots? Orangies Attic

  2. Kids know about these things (a trash can... HA!)
    Looks like you had lovely weather!

  3. Ha ha of course it is fairies! You booth looks great, so inviting to come in and shop! It sounds like you had a lovely day.

  4. Your booth looked great! Very inviting. How lucky for you to be across from the fairy's secret house!

  5. Thanks, everyone! We had perfect weather and it was a very successful show for us.

  6. You have got a great blog as well as a Lovely shop at Etsy... Wonderful collection... Lovely choice of colorful prints... !!!