Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey, at least you don't have to sit through a slide show...

Count your blessings, people, I'm showing vacation photos and you don't have to sit in my family room and watch 100's of slides with pictures of my thumb covering half the view. 

For the first time, my husband Andy and I took just our son on a special trip.  We even let him pick the place.  He chose Hawaii (that's my boy!)  We went to the big island, Hawaii.  
One of our side trips was to Volcanoes National Park where we went in a lava tube.  It's a tunnel sort of cave left behind when lava makes its way though.  Andrew loved it!

Depending on which side of the island you're on, it's mostly sunny or mostly rainy, as you can probably tell by looking at the pictures.  There are beautiful views around lots of corners and a wonderful botanic garden on the east, or Hilo, side. 

 On our last day, a local man suggested we drive to the northern tip of the island.  I thought, "Really, it's that much better there?"  Yes.  It is.  This is the Hawaii that was in my imagination--absolutely spectacular.

(Do you like the way I've just jumped back into blogging, acting like I haven't neglected it for the past two months?)

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