Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spinning Class at SAFF

This past weekend, I took my first spinning class, and no, it did not involve a stationary bicycle.  I used a spinning wheel for the first time, with adult supervision of course.  My instructor was the very patient, Julie (she's the one sitting on the floor).  She assured us that spinning should be fun; perfection doesn't have to be the goal.
 The class was held at SAFF, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, in Fletcher, NC.  It was just about heaven for anyone who loves anything fibery--from fiber animals to roving (fiber prepared for spinning) to finished projects. 

And there were spinning wheels!  Who knew there were so many kinds?  From a hundred year old parlor wheel to modern versions made from PVC.  I had told Andy, my husband, that I wanted a spinning wheel for my birthday.  He knows me well enough to take me seriously, so he told me to pick the one I wanted.

I chose a Lendrum, like the one you see in the class photo.  It doesn't look like the kind you picture from fairy tales, but it suits me well.  It's easy to figure out and I can even fold it to take along.  You know, for all those spinning events I imagine myself attending.

There's also a nice stash of dyed wool in my trunk, waiting to be spun...

(Oh, and apparently I frown when I'm concentrating.  Don't confuse that with grumpiness.  I was having fun, honest!)

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