Friday, December 20, 2013

Abby the Ginormous Dog

Our dog, Abby, is a rescue dog. She was abandoned outside our vet's office and was in need of a home in the country with lots of room to run. We needed a wonderful dog. Perfect match!

Because Abby wasn't raised with livestock as a puppy, she refuses to live with the goats. She will patrol the pasture and we haven't seen a coyote since she got there. But she's more of a people dog than a goat dog. She treats our family as her "herd" and always stays close when strangers are on the property.

Yesterday afternoon, we went for a walk and Abby went with us. She lumbers along, mostly bringing up the rear and watching our backs. Once we got around to the goat pasture, she checked them out and waited for us to head back to the house. She is such a gentle companion and makes me feel so safe. Love ya, Abby!

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