Monday, December 9, 2013

Heavy sigh...

"If money can fix it, it's not that bad."  That is a quote that helps me keep things in perspective.  Earlier this year a plumbing leak led to redoing our hall bathroom as well as refinishing the wood floors.  

Now, another plumbing problem has taken over the master bathroom.  There's some scary looking mold around the shower and, it turns out, under the house too.  Ugh!

The man who was here to look at it this morning said he could put a bandaid on it, or rip everything out and fix it right.  Of course, that's the more expensive option.  Fortunately the guys who are going to do the work are trustworthy (they built our mudroom--love it), so I know they'll be fair and honest.

The upside is that I get a new bathroom, maybe with the antique claw foot tub I love.  The right perspective is to remember that this is only inconvenient.  There are people sitting by the side of loved ones who are suffering or facing tragedies I can only imagine.  All I have to do is share a small bathroom with my children for a few weeks.  

I am truly thankful for the "problems" we currently have.

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