Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wisdom teeth? Who needs 'em!

I remember having my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 17.  I was in the 11th grade and taking U.S. history from Mr. Killian.  He was the high school baseball coach and I had expected him to be mediocre at best as a teacher.  My apologies to all the coach/teachers out there for underestimating him.  He was funny and quite engaging while trying to cram a bit of history into a bunch of teenagers.

The day I was to have my teeth out, we had a history test.  The thought of trying to take the test a week after the rest of the class and after being in a fog for a few days seemed risky, so I asked to take the test early, on the morning of "the procedure".  When I finished the test and went to turn it in, Mr. Killian said, "Kay, I'm a bit worried about your grades."

Gasp!  I was a good student, as in graduated fourth in my class of over three hundred, so a problem with my grades was, in a word, unacceptable.  I gulped and said something like "Really?"

He replied, in the most serious tone possible, "Well, with having your wisdom teeth removed, you may not be as wise and your grades could suffer."  After a second or three for that to sink in, I laughed, probably a little too loudly, and he wished me luck.  I survived, both the tooth extraction and the history test.

Today was my daughter's turn to have her wisdom teeth removed.  Even though she's 23, it was a bit difficult to watch her leave the waiting room on her own and then wait for them to let me know she was done.  She did fine and wasn't too incoherent when I saw her, although she did ask for a smoothie* about five times.  I'll sleep in a chair near her room tonight, just in case.

All that to say, knitting hasn't been too high on the list this week.  I am almost done with the Lawrence sweater and it will hopefully be a finished object by next week.  I also am working on a pair of Rosamond socks for a KAL (Knit-A-Long).  Details to follow next week!

*I made her a banana/mango/orange smoothie a couple of hours ago.

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