Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning a New Skill

I've been saying for several years now, that I want to learn to quilt when I grow up. I'm not sure I'm any more grown up today, but I started working on a "quilt as you go" project. Quilt-as-you-go is a method of quilting one block at a time, then joining the blocks to make the finished quilt.

Some years ago, my mother and her sister took a lap quilting (quilt-as-you-go) class. They each made a beautiful quilt; my mother's quilt now hangs in my house. She did not go on to make any more, preferring other sewing projects. My aunt, however, has made several quilts since that time.

So, after talking to my aunt and reading a lot of library books on quilting, I've taken the plunge. I picked a simple pattern called "churn dash" or "hole in the barn door". I've made three blocks and they are ready to be quilted. I'm not sure yet if this will be a full size quilt or just a small lap size. I'll try to keep you posted on my progress.

Is there anything you've always wanted to learn to do?


  1. You should be a natural at quilting. Your bags are wonderful. Good luck with the project and please post the finished quilt. :)

  2. Looks terrific!! Quilting is really a lot of fun. You're off to a great start!

  3. Love the colors you've picked! That's a great idea - one block at a time - not quite so intimidating :)

    I want to quilt once I have grandchildren - hopefully not for a few more years though :))