Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is "Slum Gullion"?

My afternoon did not turn out like I expected yesterday. I was working on a special order for a customer when the phone rang. My daughter was as the library about 40 minutes from home...with her keys locked in her truck. She said, "I see them. Right there on the seat. Mocking me."

So, I gathered up the younger children and headed to the library to rescue her. It threw a monkey wrench into hubby and my "date night" plans, so we instead took the whole family out for dinner at a local place, called "Crossroads Cafe".

On the chalkboard was something called "slum gullion". I got brave and asked what it was. The server brought me a little sample to try. Turns out, it's like a vegetable beef stew. Think of it as what your grandmother used to do with Sunday leftovers--the leftover roast beef, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes all cooked together into a delicious stew.
It was delicious. Obviously, I opted for the grilled cheese combo.


  1. grilled cheese sandwich and soup sounds like pure comfort food to me!
    thanks for the visit.

  2. That looks and sounds delicious...I want some too:) Thanks Kay for checking out my writeup at Prismma, I appreciate it:)

  3. Never heard of slum gullion, but it looks delicious! Wonder where the name came from? : )

  4. Serendipity! I'm glad you had a nice family night.