Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wash Your Grocery Bags!

A study from the University of Arizona says that reusable grocery can be contaminated with E. coli and other germs, if the bags are not kept clean. Eeewwww!

Here's a link to the story:

Reusable Grocery Bags Contaminated with E. coli, other bacteria

So, what's the answer? According to the above article, a "thorough washing kills nearly all bacteria that accumulate in reusable bags."

I just washed a couple of my bags and hung them to dry. They did just fine, washed in the machine with a load of similar color items. The bags I make are cotton, with cotton lining, just fine for a trip through the washer (and the dryer, if you like).

I just finished this one, with a yummy cupcake fabric. It will be available in my etsy shop soon. And it's washable!


  1. I saw that on the news too! Luckily I do wash mine on a regular basis, they just don't seem to stay clean :)
    LOVE the cupcakes!

  2. Thanks for the heads up...
    I Love the Cupcakes too...
    Prayers, Bo

  3. Thanks for sharing that.
    Your cupcake bag looks
    yummy :^)