Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's Take a Walk Around the House

Frodo the Wonder Yorkie is too busy catching lizards to come with us, so we'll go on without him.

Here's the loropetalum at the end of the house. It is covered with hot pink flowers right now and will provide shade for the hostas this summer.
Speaking of hostas, here they come now!

The Lady Jane tulips bloomed just this morning! They are the official "spring is here" flowers at my house.

Here's three small azaleas (below) that have been added around my October Red maple tree. There's also a forsythia there now too. I've been wanting one for ages!

This flower bed (below) backs up to the woods, so I wanted something as a bridge between my yard and The Wild, so we went with big azaleas. The guy at the nursery says they'll get 7-8 feet high. I'll let you know.

And, to conclude today's tour, the heucheras are looking very healthy in their container on the front steps. (I know, they're covered with pollen. I'll rinse them off tomorrow. Maybe.)

Anything blooming at your place?

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