Friday, July 22, 2011

My Morning Routine

My morning routine is getting a bit of a rhythm to it these days. I try to get out of the house as early as I can since it heats up quickly. Abby is my companion for chores, although she can be fickle. Today my son came out and she left me to get a rub down from him.
First on the list is feeding and watering the chickens. I head to the coop and say good morning to the girls. There are 19 others, but these two ladies posed nicely for me this morning. The first one is a Rhode Island Red (RIR). The one below that is a black sex-link, which is a RIR cross. They both are reliable layers of large brown eggs.Here's the waterer, waiting at the faucet to be filled. Later, I'll turn on the sprinkler to keep the chickens cool while it's so very hot outside. Chickens can't take the extreme heat. Last summer, we lost two on one day, so this year I'm determined to keep them cool. Next, I move on the the goat pasture. There's a shocking lack of goats there. For now, I just refill Abby's water and food bowls. But as soon as the goats' shelter is built, there will be more chores to do up here.Last, I water my container plants outside. The lantana is enjoying the hot weather, both in containers and in the butterfly garden. At least somebody likes the heat!

Do you have a morning routine?


  1. Your life sounds a lot like mine and I couldn't be happier with combining my rural lifestyle and creating things that I love.

    My mornings have a pattern to them also. I wake up, stumble to the coffee pot, feed my 4 cats, let the 2 dogs out and then feed them and then head out to the gardens for an hour or so to water and deadhead. Then there's always some other chore like turning compost, hauling wood around and all of the other things that come with maintaining an old country place.

    Then I get some more coffee and find interesting blogs like this one to follow :)

  2. I miss having chickens. I used to love making "salads" for my chickens when I was a kid of of various leaves and weed plants from the woods. Those birds would eat anything!

  3. I have a short morning routine. I get up, shower, get in my scrubs (I work in an animal hospital & wildlife rehab center). After I'm dressed I get on the computer and check email and visit some blogs. Then I usually eat a chocolate chip poptart (love them), make a tea for the road, give Bubba & Pumpkin their treats and head off to work. Saturday and Sundays it's whatever and however I feel.

  4. I shower, dress, check out what's happened in the on-line world while I eat breakfast and drink my coffee (kind of like now), then pack up and head out to work :)