Friday, July 1, 2011

Putting Up Corn

I was the lucky recipient of a tub full of corn. Corn is not difficult to put up, but it is a bit of work to prepare. It has to be shucked and then the corn cut off the cob. Since it would have to be pressure canned (and my pressure canner is in the storage barn at the moment) I decided to freeze it.

I shucked, cut and blanched all afternoon and ended up with about 7 quarts of corn in my freezer. It will be easy to prepare this fall and winter, either as a side dish on it's own or in soups.

I love seeing that shelf in my freezer. It feels like I got something done today. Any projects at your place today?


  1. Errands, laundry and packing... not so much fun! Orangies Attic

  2. Yes, me too, just some ordinary errands to run. I love corn, by the way:)