Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeds Are Sprouting!

Seeds are sprouting! I'm so excited that some of the seeds have already started to come up. I love gardening, but I'm really bad at it, so every little success is cause for celebration around here.
Here's a pumpkin seed thinking about coming up. Come on, little sprout, you can do it! The thyme is doing the best. Lots of tiny little leaves are showing up in the egg carton. I'm looking forward to having fresh herbs this winter, so I hope these plants continue to grow.

Any triumphs in your life lately?


  1. Hi Kay! I'm growing pumpkins too...hope it's not too late, just got them in the ground yesterday. Seeds, not seedlings. I posted about this today too!

    Found you through the Etsy Blog Team!


  2. It's so exciting to see that first bit of green!