Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abby the Ginormous Dog's New Doghouse

Abby is our ginormous new dog. She's been staying in the house with us or on the front porch for the last few weeks. But, as we get the goat fencing ready and eventually add actual goats to the homestead, Abby will need a place to call her own out there.

So, we had a friend build a doghouse big enough for her. And for any husband who happens to misbehave.

P.S. My poison oak fingers are much better today. Thanks for the sympathy.


  1. I'm glad Abby is working out for you. She's a beautiful dog. The doghouse looks like it will be perfect for Abby and even your husband if he misbehaves.

  2. LOL! He isn't supposed to look that happy in there! hahahaha