Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Mudroom Framing is Underway

One of my favorite movies is The Money Pit. It's from 1986 and stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as a young couple who buy a beautiful old house, commuting distance from New York. Trouble starts almost the moment they move into the house. The staircase falls off, the tub drops through the floor and the kitchen nearly catches on fire from an electrical short.

Clearly Walter and Anna (Hanks' and Long's characters) are in over their heads. They hire a contractor to put the house back in order. When asked how long it will take, he replies, "Two weeks." Months later, the house is still in progress and their relationship is in need of renovation as well.

I had a "Money Pit" moment yesterday. I looked out my kitchen window to see a man on a ladder, at eye level. Turns out, our contractor has also seen the movie and when we asked him yesterday how much longer, he smiled and said, "Two weeks."

Here's a picture of our progress so far:


  1. Your mudroom is really coming along, I can't wait to see the finished product. I love, love, love the movie Money Pit, made me laugh this morning!

  2. That was a really funny movie, one I can watch over every few years.

  3. The mudroom is looking great :)!!! I also cant wait to see you progress...

  4. You got a comedian for a contractor... ;)

  5. We totally had a money pit with our house when we first got married. That movie is so right on!