Monday, April 18, 2011

New projects

I went to an estate sale the other day and came home with some great finds. I bought two quilts to use as material for totes and Christmas stockings. (Relax, they are beautiful, nicely made quilts, but they are NOT grandma's heirlooms. I could tell where the tag had been.)

I also found some vintage table linens, some still in the original packaging. They are a tablecloth and 12 matching napkins from a collection based on art by Princess Grace of Monaco. The other is a tablecloth with a green border and flower illustrations. The green will almost certainly become pillows or totes, but the matching set may be sold as vintage. What do you think?

My other finds will have to remain a secret. They will become gifts for business partner Lori. Let's just say, they involve fish.


  1. Oh my that quilt is lovley great score!!!

  2. Awesome! It looks like you got a great haul!

  3. That quilt will be beautiful made up! And I'd go for vintage for the Princess Grace set - lovely! From what I've seen, it's pretty rare to find vintage linens in the original packaging, so that makes them extra special!

  4. Great finds!! I love treasure hunting ;)