Monday, April 11, 2011

Remind me next year...

Okay, readers, will you remind me next year not to pull the poison oak with my bare hands? I seem to do it every spring and only realize my mistake when my hand feels like it's going to burst into flames.
I was in my yard last evening, watering some of the new plants that I put in this year and thought I'd pull a few weeds. And, as I habitually do, I was going along pulling weed after weed and,without paying attention, grabbed the poison oak.

So, next year around the end of March, please remind me to be careful. Please?


  1. Oh Ouch! I just cringed for you. :(

  2. OUCH! For us it's the awful fire weed which the kids climb thru and instantly get hives : ( Bah Humbug!

  3. Ouch, ouch! I do that too, pretty much every year:):)

  4. Following you from homesteading today. I became a follower of your blog! Feel free to check my blog and become a follower! :)
    My DH and mom are also extremely allergic to poison ivy/oak! So I can imagine what you are going through! They even have to go to the doctor now for a shot whenever they get it. I hope it clears of up quickly for you!

  5. Boooo! I went camping years ago and woke up with a rash from poison oak all over my body. Awful! Hope it goes away quickly!