Saturday, April 23, 2011

The mudroom is getting so close to being done, I can hardly stand it. The light fixture is up and the trim is almost finished. Trouble is, the big saw is outside and it rained like crazy yesterday, so no more work got done.

Frodo the Wonder Yorkie was in desperate need of a haircut. He could hardly wait to get in his carrier for the trip to the groomer.

Ah, much better now.

Finally, the chickens are starting to lay again. They seem to have taken the past six weeks off, laying only one or two eggs a day. Well, this week they have picked up the pace. Yesterday, there were seven eggs!

Here are the day's eggs, washed and ready to be put into a carton. Many people who have a home flock do not wash eggs until they are ready to eat them. A freshly laid egg has on it's surface something called bloom, which forms a sort of protective coating and helps keep the egg fresh longer. However, when we share eggs with others, they are not usually so thrilled with the, um, "residue" which is often on them. So, we give the eggs a quick rinse.

How's your weekend so far?


  1. cute doggie and the eggs info is interesting...have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  2. The mudroom is great. You'll have fun organizing when it's finished. We get fresh eggs from one of our neighbors. I didn't know that about them.

  3. Oh to have a mud room. Hubby is a farmer and it would be a blessing to be able to have him come in that way.

    We raise chickens too and sell some of the eggs - so I know what you mean about washing them... and the residue on them.

  4. Yay for your mudroom! We have 5 hens as well and luckily they did not stop laying. We'll just see if the broodiness starts.

  5. I've recently learned that about eggs from my son who has chickens. The 2nd picture of your yorkie is especially adorable.

  6. That was interesting to learn about the bloom on fresh eggs! I had no idea.