Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Day in the Herb Garden

My children helped in the herb garden today. They dug holes for planting the new plants and my son was in charge of cutting back the rosemary. He had a great time, saying that was his favorite job ever! Here's the basket full of rosemary, cut and bundled for drying: We took some time to research the herbs that are in our garden. We have several that are great for herbal "teas", like mint and lemon balm. We have lots that we'll use for seasoning, such as chives, oregano and sage. And one or two just because they smell nice, like lavender.

My son labeled jars for some herbs that were already dry. Hmmm, maybe we should work on spelling tomorrow.
The new plants are in the herb bed, and we've left about a quarter of the bed empty for now. I plan to add basil and dill in a few weeks. In looking around the yard today, I noticed that the wild blackberries are in bloom. We'll gather the berries later in the summer and turn them into jam and jelly.

And a quick update on the mudroom--the siding is almost done and the sheetrock is going on the walls.


  1. I have had a long time love affair with herbs. I plant them where ever I move. Lavender is my favorite.

    Your mudroom looks great!

  2. My grandmother had wild blackberries in her backyard and I used to eat them until I got sick... YUM!

  3. I love the smell of rosemary. I definitely need to plant some when I put in my herb garden.

    I love the little labels your son made.

    That mudroom addition doesn't look like an addition. It looks like it was part of the original design.

  4. That addition looks like it's coming along nicely. Love seeing your progression on it.

  5. You're making good progress on the mudroom! Soon you'll be in there organizing everything.

  6. Your addition is coming along great!

    I love herb gardens... but this past week, my dog trampled through and dug out bunch of my tiny seedlings. So sad!