Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frost Tonight--Eeeeek!

The weatherman is predicting a frost for tonight* just when my hostas are doing so well! I shouldn't be too shocked; it's fairly common to have temperatures at or near freezing until the beginning of April, but still...I have to save my hostas!

So, this afternoon, my husband and I and two of the children covered my tender plants with sheets and put bricks at the edges to keep them in place. Let's hope it works.

*I wrote this post on Tuesday night, so I'll let you know soon if our efforts were effective.


  1. We've been having crazy weather here also. I call is Sprinter. Spring one day and winter the next. Hope your hostas survived.

  2. I know what you mean, I was praying my hostas wouldn't be damaged in torrential rain and tornado warnings!

  3. It was unseasonably cold here yesterday, but not quite THAT cold!

  4. Do you eat your hostas, by chance?
    I read about eating them here and would love to know how they are!

  5. I know! It's been a nail biter here in VA with the frost and my peonies!