Friday, April 29, 2011

Sew for Yourself Challenge

A group of online friends started a Sew for Yourself challenge recently. We are all people who sew, for family, friends or business, but rarely find time to sew for us! So, someone said, "Hey, we should give ourselves permission to make something just for ourselves."

People made different things, clothes, totes, lounge wear--often a project that had been sitting around for a while waiting to be finished.

Here's my project:
It's a large tote bag, with a zip top and two side pockets. One side pocket has a zipper, one is open.

Have you done any projects for yourself lately?


  1. That's beautiful. I love the material. I love totes but don't like too many pockets to lose things in.

  2. I love this tote and I think I'm going to take this challeng myself! I'll start with those new pot holders I keep saying I'll make to match my new kitchen!