Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strawberry Season Is Here

April and May are strawberry season around here so we made our annual trip to a local strawberry farm. The children helped pick three buckets of berries which we brought home and made into jam and jelly.
To make both jam and jelly, I just follow the recipes in a box of pectin. You start by washing the berries and removing the stem and leaves. I usually cut them up a bit before crushing the fruit. Then, strain them through a jelly bag or cheesecloth. I use the strained juice for jelly and the leftover pulp for jam.

And now, we can enjoy those strawberries all winter. Mmm...


  1. We love fresh picked strawberries and go to a local farm here several times during the season. We enjoy them while they are fresh. Great family outing for you!

  2. oh yummy. We used to grow a small patch of strawberries just for us to eat - but found that the deer liked them too and could never keep them out. Oh well...

  3. Thank you for sharing this - it is a little early for local strawberries but I am looking forward to trying when it arrives! Strawberry picking is so much fun for kids too : )

  4. Yum! Those strawberries look delicious!